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Integrate Remote 2021

Dates are set for this years edition of Integrate Remote 2021, the event is scheduled for 1-3 June 12-7 PM (UK Time)!

Integrationsbolaget will attend the event as usual as it’s considered to be one of the most relevant integration events of the year.

We will share our findings after the event so let us know if you are interested in the event but cannot attend yourself and would like a quick summary. It’s also possible to attend the Keynote speach for free.

Microsoft Azure

Azure Friday – Diagnose and solve problems with Azure API Management

This video from Azure Friday gives you a quick overview of the new features called API Management Diagnostics that was recently added to API Management.


Azure API Management support for request and response validation policies has reached general availability

Protect your APIs from several OWASP API Security Top 10 vulnerabilities without requiring an add-on solution.

API Management support for request/response validation enables you to block or log API requests and responses that don’t adhere to the specified API schema – without utilizing an add-on solution.

Requests and responses can be blocked or logged if they contain:

This capability will be rolled out over the next several weeks.

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General availability: Azure Event Grid now provides support for delivery headers and additional advanced filters among other updates

Azure Event Grid now provides support for the following features:

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Encryption scopes in Azure Storage now generally available

Encryption scopes enable you to provision multiple encryption keys to manage encryption at the container or blob level.  Customers and ISVs can now use a single storage account for multi-tenancy scenarios by provisioning separate encryption keys for each customer. The key that protects an encryption scope may be either a Microsoft-managed key or a customer-managed key in Azure Key Vault.

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Azure Storage Explorer v1.18.0 is now generally available

Azure Storage Explorer helps you upload, download, and manage the data you store in Azure Storage. Version v1.18.0 includes the following new capabilities:

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General availability: Networking for Key Vault references on Windows in App Service and Azure Functions

While apps deployed using App Service Environments have been able to access network restricted vaults previously, now Windows apps with virtual network integrations can also access these vaults. This enables teams to further restrict access to secrets on which their applications depend. Support for Linux apps is coming soon.

Please note that there is a known issue at the time of this update which prevents versionless references from automatically updating when behind network restrictions. This will be fixed soon, but in the meantime, it is not recommended to use both features at the same time.

Key Vault references allow the app to use a managed identity to resolve secrets from Azure Key Vault and expose them as environment variables. This allows teams to easily move secrets into management without code changes.

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Azure functions now supports .NET 5 but an important exception is it currently doesn’t support durable functions. On the other hand .NET 5 support introduces a new way of running Azure functions, in an isolated process. Read more in the link below about current and future .NET version support for isolated process and durable functions.

.NET on Azure Functions Roadmap – Microsoft Tech Community

Support for durable functions will be added in .Net 6 for In-process & .Net 7 for Isolated process.


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